Who is Jeff Kirvin?

I’m an indie writer, book designer, tech geek and general comic relief. I might teach you something, I might tell you a cool story, or I might just make you laugh.

A little more, please.

I grew up in Houston, Texas, not entirely on purpose. My dad, a telephone repairman, got me interested in science and technology at an early age (his idol was Albert Einstein), and my mom taught me how to tell stories when I was still in preschool. By the time I was in elementary school, teachers would pull me out of class, take me upstairs to the older kids’ classrooms, and I would ad lib fairy tales, complete with morals. I’ve been a storyteller (and a ham) ever since. And given my interest in SCIENCE, it was probably inevitable than I’d write science fiction.

What books have you written?

My first novel will remain in the mists of digital prehistory, and not linked to here. I sold it to Peanut Press when they were just starting up and needed original content. Eventually they’d sign deals with the big houses and be one of the first ebook retailers, bought out by Palm, then Overdrive, then Fictionwise, then Barnes & Noble. I was early to the party. I do that.

For my current works, check out my Books page.

You said you were a tech geek.

Indeed I did and indeed I am. I wrote my first novel longhand in a paper day planner as I was going from appointment to appointment, outprocessing from the Air Force in 1996. To get it into digital form, I later typed all those handwritten pages into my computer. After 80,000 words of that, I thought there had to be a better way. A way to write digitally, but anytime, anywhere.

I found what I was looking for in the original Palm Pilot. I started a web site in 1999 (they were not then called “blogs”) called “Writing On Your Palm” to document what I learned about writing with PDAs. Over the years I became recognized as a mobile tech pundit, hosted the 1SRC.com podcast and was a part of Microsoft’s Mobius group of tech influencers. I even interviewed to be the Director of Competitive Analysis for PalmSource.

These days, I’m playing with an iPhone and iPad, still trying to find the best ways to write on the go. But I’m also keenly aware that this is a means to an end. My primary focus is fiction (most of the time).


For my “day job,” I fight for the users. I’ve been in IT for 23 years now and I’ve held most of the job titles there are to have in IT. But after being a developer, designer, webmaster, admin and so many others, I’ve found I get the most job satisfaction out of support. Particularly, deskside user support. What I really like to do is help people, to feel like I make a difference. I like to see people smile when I’m done fixing their problem.

If you’re in Denver and that sounds like someone you might like to have on your team, we should really talk.

Book designer?


Kathleen Dale and I run Taledancer.com, a company founded to help authors do everything they need to get their books self-published apart from the actual writing. Kathleen does all the editing, which I know from my writing makes a world of difference, and I do the book design. I design not only the covers, but also the book interior and ebook formatting. If you’ve read many ebooks, from major publishers as well as indies, you’ve noticed that there are some really lousily-formatted books out there, some bordering on being almost unreadable. Our clients don’t have to worry about that, because I’ve been formatting ebooks since 1998.

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