Lets… try this again

Funny thing happened on the way to the blog. I found myself unable to log into WordPress, decided to remove the installation and create a new one, figuring I’d just attach to the same database. Only that didn’t so much work. So instead we have a Brand! New! Blog!

Which actually isn’t such a bad idea. The old site had stagnated, a lot, and I think I’d run out of stuff to say. So what makes this version different?

In truth, I can’t promise anything. But my outlook and attitude have changed a lot over the last few months, about mobile tech, about writing, about life. We’ll get into how later, but I think long time readers both here at and Writing On Your Palm will be surprised. Maybe even intrigued enough to stick around.

5 thoughts on “Lets… try this again”

  1. Sent as many as I could, starting from the beginning to about Sept. 2007. Google reader wouldn’t let me send anymore; guess it figured I was a robot spamming you…

    Hope that helps… will try again another time.


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