Proof that some Republicans are just thugs

And sore losers, too, apparently. And the election hasn’t even happened yet.

DENVER (AP) – Democratic Party officials say a second brick has been thrown through a window at Democratic Party headquarters in Denver. Spokesman Matt Farrauto says the brick had the word “maverick” written on it. | Colorado’s Online News Leader | Dem headquarters vandalized by ‘maverick’ brick

It’s sad, really, that reactions like this (not to mention cries of “traitor!” and “kill him!” when Obama is mentioned at McCain rallies) is what passes for Republican “Joe Six-pack” commentary. It’s not surprising, but it is sad. It’s not surprising because it’s become increasingly obvious over the last decade or so that if you’re the kind of person who might throw a brick or drink anything that comes in a six-pack, you have absolutely no business being a Republican in the first place. The cognitive dissonance of anyone making under a million dollars a year who considers themselves a proud member of the GOP must be nearly crippling.

Newsflash for the anonymous brick thrower: John McCain and Sarah Palin don’t give a toasted damn about you. You’re nothing more than ignorant cannon fodder for their big money backers. Come to the Democrats. We’ll not only welcome you with open arms, but we’ll actually work for your own best interest. Think about it.

5 thoughts on “Proof that some Republicans are just thugs”

  1. And if it weren’t for the glaring inaccuracies or twisted misrepresentations in that article (while it may be debatable that someone yelled “Kill him” about Obama at a McCain rally, we have calls of “traitor” and the like on tape), I might be more inclined to believe it. I’m not saying it’s impossible that something like this could happen. Tensions are getting pretty high on both sides. But I’ll need independent verification from a reputable news source before I buy this.

  2. Jeff,

    First, this could either be a Democratic operative trying to generate some free press or a nonpolitical thug who likes to break windows and the “mavrick” was a red herring.

    Second, a lot of Joe Sixpacks are Republicans because they they have valid sincerly held beliefs that result in them being treated like blacks at a Klan rally by the Democratic group think. Abortion is one and the general role of the state vs individual responsibility is another. Not to say that both parties can be guilty of that from time to time. I would commend your attention to the following for a view of “cruncy cons” that might suprise you. See>

    Rick C

  3. With all due respect, Rick, the idea that this was done by a Dem to make Republicans look bad fails Occam’s Razor. While possible, it’s pretty improbable compared to the obvious explanation. Let’s face it, ginormous Toby Keith-style rednecks don’t need help making themselves look bad; they’re more than capable of doing that on their own.

  4. Jeff, while I do not necesarly disagree with you as logic would tend to dictate that the Democrats would not want to risk the scandal (although sometimes I have a hard time with puttting a major political party and “logic” in the same sentence) your “obvious explanation” comment reminded me of the infamous comment of the Alabama sheriff when asked about the investigation of the death of a black man who drowned in the Pearl river with an bunch of logging chain draped over him. The sheriff replied ” Well the obvious explanation is that that n&%%#@ tried to swim across with more chain than he could carry.” Jeff, resist the easy answer.

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