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image It’s been a while since I’ve posted what I’ve got on my Treo’s Today screen, so here it is.

I’ve gone with a very basic look here, but one that works surprisingly well while at the same time providing a slick, modern look. The white text on solid black is easily readable indoors and out, and the flat look of the title bar and softkeys is noticeably less distracting in other applications, notably eReader.

I’m only using three Today plugins. The top one is the Sprint dial lookup plugin, but you’ll notice it’s smaller than it should be, and the icons are oddly indented. This is because I’m using the RealVGA hack from to run my device at 96dpi and thus use the plugin from the older Treo 700wx on my 800w. Below that I’ve got the Web Search plugin that Palm provides. I prefer this to the newer Google Today plugin because the Palm version doubles as a web address bar, a la Chrome’s Omnibar or Firefox 3’s Awesomebar. Typing a raw URL into Google’s own plugin searches for that address rather than going straight to it.

The rest of the Today screen, the vast majority of it, is taken up by SBSH Software’s PocketBreeze, using the Mono White theme found on their forums. As you can see, this gives me a clean and uncluttered view of my daily commitments (be they appointments, tasks or even special events like birthdays or anniversaries) along with today’s weather and a graphical view of my time. The tabs along the side give me quick access to documents, tasks and projects, contacts and a more detailed view of the weather. All without leaving the Today screen, and all easily controllable with just the d-pad when I’m on the go.

The only place this solution falls short for me is that PocketBreeze only supports one Today plugin per tab, unlike Spb Diary or UltimateLaunch. Still, it and the Start Menu combined provide access to virtually everything I use often on my phone, and keep me firmly in control as I go about my day.

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