Blackberry Blah

While I will concede that Blackberries have become real smartphones rather than the uppity pagers of yore, I have to wonder at the thought behind this particular announcement.

AT&T Relevant Products/Services is preparing for a Election Day sales surge on Nov. 4, when Research In Motion’s BlackBerry Bold will launch at AT&T’s stores nationwide for $299.

Communications – BlackBerry Bold Set for Election Day Launch

So they’re releasing a new product on the same day as the most important election in many of our lifetimes? Because that won’t be a distraction.

There have been rumors floating about for a while that RIM has some serious problems with the Blackberry Bold, among them heat and battery life. Despite the hopeful, happy tone of this press-release-masquerading-an-article, I have to seriously wonder if RIM/AT&T picked this date in hopes of turning what had been a hotly anticipated launch into a safer, lower-profile “soft launch” in hopes that any early adopter complaints would be lost in the hubbub around Obama’s election. And if there really isn’t anything wrong with the Bold, why choose to launch it on a day when absolutely no one will be talking about it?

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