A plague of netbooks

Spent most of the day running around with my dad looking for netbooks retail. Best Buy has the Asus eee 1000HD and the MSI Wind, both running XP, along with the older 7″ Linux-based eee.

The eee 1000HD is actually pretty impressive, and would be a contender if it weren’t saddled with a last gen Celeron M processor. Granted, my trusty HP Mini-Note runs on a Via C7-M, so who am I to criticize, really. Keyboard’s nice, though.

The MSI Wind, on the other hand… I can see why this seems to be the runaway success of the netbook set. It’s nearly indentical in size to my HP, with a comfortable keyboard, a spiffy Atom processor and even one more USB port than I have on my HP. It’s impressive, and upgradeable to the capabilities of a “real” laptop, given that Josh just upgraded his to 2GB of RAM and a 200GB 7200rpm hard drive.

There’s a reason this is the only segment of the PC market that’s actually growing. Should be interesting to see what Microsoft has to say at PDC this week about how Windows 7 will run on lower-power PCs.

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