NaNoWriMo Day 2

Okay, up to 5,118 words today, but mostly by cheating. Ghost Ronin is organized as a playlist. Each chapter starts with the lyrics for the song it’s based around. So today I pasted in the lyrics for each song. I also write 28 whole words of new material so I’m not a complete weasel.

Okay, I’m a complete weasel.

But I learned some amazing stuff while I was avoiding writing. I found out how to create a master document and link sub documents to it (like each chapter in say, a book), I found out why this doesn’t actually work (seemed to work at first, then somehow just turned into a hyperlink), I moved all the story notes I’d been keeping in Word into OneNote.

So tomorrow, real writing. Hopefully, I’ll even finish chapter one and kill off my main character.

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