NaNoWriMo Day 5

I’m starting to question my commitment to the cause. Haven’t gotten any writing done today, just haven’t had the time. Part of that is being so very tired from last night and needing a nap, but I could have gone home to write after work instead of going over to a friend’s to help him reflash his phone.

It’s a self-discipline problem, pure and simple. Without Josh to race against for the month, there’s really no consequence I care about if I blow off a day. I’m only hurting myself, because every day I don’t write is a day without my book, but there’s so much more to do (tomorrow is both Maximum Geek and a Broncos game, then Friday is gaming and I desperately need to get my Rock Band on after missing it last week). Right now the tentative plan is to make it up over the weekend with some 5000-7000 word marathons, but what are the odds nothing is going to pop up unexpectedly over the weekend?

And in another sense, the heat is off. I’ve been holding off on starting Ghost Ronin for months, waiting for NaNoWriMo to begin. Now that it has and I’ve started the book, why not write it at my own pace? The beginning, with Mike and Chris in Iraq, was the hard, intimidating part. Once I get get my main character blown up, I’m back into more familiar plot territory, variations on a theme I’ve been working on for two decades. I have a lot of new surprises in store for this (final?) version, but still not as scary for me as a writer as trying to write convincingly about being on the ground in Basra.

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