Yet again, Windows Mobile trumps the iPhone

image Joost released a new iPhone application that, at first, seems like a pretty cool idea. You can use it to stream any of the videos hosted on Joost to the iPhone and watch them wherever you are. Neat! Movies and TV shows on the go! Premium content, because you can only watch that cat riding a Roomba on YouTube so many times.

Well, not so fast.

Like seemingly everything else about the iPhone, there’s a fatal flaw or two that makes the whole thing kind of WTF. Like you can’t use it over cellular data. At all. Nada. WiFi only, so no watching on the bus or the train, but more to the point, let’s think about this. You can only watch it at a hotspot. Meaning somewhere where you’re stationary, probably sitting down. Maybe enjoying a yummy coffee bean oriented beverage.

Where you could just pull out your damn laptop.

Is anyone really going to try to tell me that watching videos on the 3.5 inch, 320×480 screen on an iPhone is a better experience than watching them on even a 9 inch netbook? Really?

So while this is a nice idea, it thoroughly misses the point. It can’t see the point. The point is, well, a speck.

Contrast this to Windows Mobile. Install the free proxy browser Skyfire, and just about any Windows Mobile device can watch streaming video from Joost, Hulu or, well, anywhere. And you can do it over cellular. On a train. Where maybe a netbook wouldn’t be as convenient.

Unlike other mobile browsers, Skyfire supports the desktop version of Adobe Flash applications so sites, including those that serve-up video and music, are rendered exactly as you would expect – just like your PC. You will instantly recognize the content, be familiar with the page layout — which is not true for most mobile browsing experiences. We support all that’s good about today’s web – not just Flash, but also Silverlight, Ajax, QuickTime and more. And even better: Skyfire evolves with the newest capabilities without you having to do anything.

Yeah, I thought so.

One thought on “Yet again, Windows Mobile trumps the iPhone”

  1. skyfire sounds like a cool program but it excludes NEW HP iPAQ models like the new 100 & 200 series.
    both use wm6 and have both wifi and bluetooth but no cellular radio and phone number that skyfire requires, so me and countless others are out of luck.

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