Twitter Updates for 2009-04-19

  • Big day. Painter’s taping the bathroom, cleaning up bedroom, laundry and oh, yeah, lots of LOTRO. #
  • RT @pourmecoffee “BREAKING. Franklin Mint: Obama-Chavez handshake plates now available for smashing and/or mantel display.” #
  • RT @anamariecox “When worlds collide: A confused Chavez says he was actually attempting to tea-bag Obama.” #
  • RT @rstevens “When it hits nine months after election day, we should check the birth rate in blue states.” #
  • Obama actually listening to world leaders rather than dictating to them. Pleasantly brimstone-free. #
  • Am I the only one who finds it easier to type on an iPhone in portrait than in landscape? Wide keyboard is too much for my stubby fingers. #
  • Tomorrow, starting to wake up an hour earlier to write. Word count progress to follow. #
  • In regards to people who think I “overshare” on Twitter and my blog: #
  • Or, in the immortal words of the maritime philosopher Popeye: “I yam what I yam.” Tru dat. #
  • And yes, as I continue the swing up out of depression into a more manic phase, I’m getting some of my feisty back. #
  • Pruning my tweetlist today, making painful cuts to get down to a followable number of followed. #
  • @robotech_master It’s not brave, it’s that one of my early life lessons was from “Risky Business”: Sometimes you have to say what the f*ck. in reply to robotech_master #
  • @robotech_master I think it’s telling that I’m keeping a lot of authors, editors and agents, and dumping a lot of mobile tech people. in reply to robotech_master #
  • @robotech_master Nah, people I actually know personally (even if we’ve never met in person) I’ll definitely keep. in reply to robotech_master #
  • @tibbarerew “A really morbid short story…” Is there another kind? in reply to tibbarerew #
  • Preferring Twitterlator Pro to fan favorite Tweetie on the iPhone. #
  • @DarrenHumphries Note I’m talking about the Pro version. Has groups, autorefresh, themes, every sharing option I can think of, inline pics in reply to DarrenHumphries #
  • w/ eReader, ShortCovers, Kindle and Stanza, a little overwhelmed with iPhone ebook options. #
  • After brutal, heartbreaking cuts, still have twice as many followed as I can keep up with. /sigh #
  • @robotech_master Dangit! Another one! My Springboard floweth over. in reply to robotech_master #
  • Just reread Crichton’s “State of Fear” and found its skepticism of human-induced climate change more plausible. How much can we really fix? #
  • @TeresaKopec I think we can clean up local conditions, but are largely powerless to affect global climate. The planet is much too big for us in reply to TeresaKopec #

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