What Have You Given Up for Your Writing Dream?

Nathan Branford is a literary agent with Curtis Brown, Ltd. in New York and one of the most interesting bloggers out there about writing and publishing. Sometimes he does a “You tell me” feature where he asks his readers to comment their answers to a question about the writing life.

The Wrestler” got me thinking about the sacrifices writers make. While it’s certainly possible (and advisable) to live a balanced life as a writer that does not involve Randy “The Ram”-esque self-destruction, everyone I know who has succeeded as a writer had to give up something to get there, whether it was time doing something more immediately fun, spending time with friends and family, or the ability to read bad writing without cringing. What have you given up for your writing dream?

Nathan Bransford – Literary Agent: You Tell Me: What Have You Given Up for Your Writing Dream?

This comes at a really interesting time for me. I’m rereading my journals from 2000 in the process of converting them from Word to Evernote, and I’m shocked at how much my life has changed this decade. So what have I given up to be a writer?

  • A wife (I really never date)
  • Kids (see above)
  • A house/mortgage (really doesn’t seem wise given the feast or famine nature of publishing)
  • Better paying but more time consuming jobs in IT (I work on a helpdesk, but I could have been a CIO of a smaller company years ago)
  • Consistent success as a blogger (I can’t seem to make time to blog and write fiction at the same time, so when you see me posting here, you can safely bet that I’m stalled on a fiction project)
  • A pretty fair bit of sanity

How about you?

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