Twitter Updates for 2009-04-30

  • RT @rstevens “Whiners are just people who haven’t been bludgeoned to death yet.” #
  • RT @pourmecoffee “Media grading out of control. Andrea Mitchell just gave Alan Greenspan a C-. “Needs improvement.”” #
  • RT @MattDunlap “New pet peeve: cash only restaurants… it’s 2009, get with the program” #
  • RT @WeeLaura “KO corrects Michele Bachmann on the Smoot Hawley Act. Which she called The HOOT SMALLEY Act. ON THE FLOOR OF CONGRESS…” #
  • RT @zen_habits “Before you hate someone, try walking a mile in his shoes. Then you’ll be a mile away form him, and have his shoes.” #
  • RT @lehmannchris “The sad thing is that Michele Bachman thinks Al Franken cosponsored the Hoot Smalley Act” #
  • Yes, I’m just retweeting stuff I like tonight. It’s been a long day. #
  • @scotbotmosh OMG! Glad to hear no one was hurt! in reply to scotbotmosh #
  • Bird flu + swine flu = when pigs fly flu #
  • Swine: the other white flu #
  • @tibbarerew Goes well with kaiser, cause that’s how I roll in reply to tibbarerew #
  • Dammit, the webOS Palm Eos coming to AT&T blows my Pre vs iPhone HD decision all to hell #
  • @RobT43 I’m trying to really understand the non-jailbroken iPhone experience first. I’ll commence tinkering eventually. in reply to RobT43 #
  • @crimsonsky56 The Eos looks like it might be everything I want (I really dislike sliders) but I need more deets. in reply to crimsonsky56 #

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