Twitter Updates for 2009-05-29

  • RT @Pogue: TONIGHT’S MEDITATION: Ethernet in Australia: the LAN down under. #
  • RT @delrayser: Rep Tancredo sorry if “La Raza is the Latino KKK” comment insensitive to Latino culture. He meant to say “Latino QueQueQue.” #
  • @tibbarerew Future’s so bright, you gotta wear shades? #
  • Now is the time on Twitter when we dance. #
  • @tibbarerew Oh, it’s just you. in reply to tibbarerew #
  • Prop8 needs to go to SCOTUS. States have no more right to dictate who marries whom than they do who owns whom. #
  • @scotbotmosh By that logic, sterile people shouldn’t be able to marry. Next! #
  • @scotbotmosh Or, put another way, I’m straight, but choose not to have kids because of genetic problems. Am I allowed to get married? #
  • On a lighter note, watching “The Princess Bride” for Friday Movie Day at work. One of the best movies ever. #

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