Twitter Updates for 2009-05-06

  • @RobT43 In theory, yes. I’m investigating Skinnerian psychology as I peck the refresh button on UPS’s tracking page like a trained pigeon. in reply to RobT43 #
  • peck, peck, peck… #
  • The “package” has been “out for delivery” for seven hours. Are UPS trucks horse-drawn? #
  • It may cost less, but you do NOT want Amish shipping. #
  • UPS refuses to allow me to change the shipping address. #
  • And now AT&T tells me, again, that they can’t change the shipping address. Ready to cancel my order outright. #
  • UPS: What will brown refuse to do for you? #
  • AT&T can’t cancel the order, either. Instead, they’re going to have UPS attempt to deliver the phone twice more to where I don’t live. #
  • Seriously considering staying with Sprint at this point. Maybe the Palm Pre won’t be so bad. #
  • I’m living a Terry Gilliam movie, and not in a good way. #
  • @MikeTemporale From what I understand, this all goes back to Apple’s refusal to allow any iPhone shipment to be redirected. Steve’s fault. in reply to MikeTemporale #
  • @vegheadjones Point taken. Maybe my iPhone is being held hostage by the Army of the 12 Monkeys. in reply to vegheadjones #
  • @brettq I need ebooks, Audible, a podcatcher, Twitter client. We don’t know if any of those will be on the Pre. in reply to brettq #
  • Writers: if you knew now that you would never be published, would you still write? Why or why not? #

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