iPhone, take two

Given that AT&T finally charged my debit card overnight, I had a financial incentive to try to get my iPhone delivered one last time (hint for the suspense-challenged: I’m typing this in the WordPress app on my iPhone). I knew they would attempt to deliver it to my old apartment today, so I called my boss and begged for the day off, a request I have no doubt was granted at least on part because my boss is an iPhone enthusiast herself. Then I scarfed down my breakfast and raced over to my old apartment complex.

Once there, I fulfilled what seems to be a rite of passage for iPhone owners: I waited, outdoors, for hours. Six hours, in fact, from just before 8am to just before 2 in the afternoon. But then, finally, the UPS man showed up, and I had my iPhone.

Getting the device set up when I got home was harder than expected, given that I had to kill and restart iTunes twice during the process, once resulting in an incomplete restore to the device and subsequent hard reset and starting over from scratch. But now, I’ve got everything installed and most of it configured (downloading my entire hundreds of books eReader library takes a while, even on WiFi).

So my impressions?

  • While the iPhone 3G is nearly twice as thick as the iPod touch, it’s somehow more comfortable in the hand.
  • Having GPS and Internet available everywhere (or at least, not dependent on WiFi) is a total game changer over the Touch. My few weeks with the Touch (which will go to my mom or my niece, most likely) tolde that the day of the non-smartphone PDA are over, at least for people like me. Twitter, email, even downloading new podcasts require always-available data, which means a phone.
  • The speaker is much louder on the iPhone than the iPod touch, probably because it’s on the outside of the device.
  • 16GB is a lot more space than 8. Seriously. Not sure how how people with 4GB iPods do it. 8 is the minimum, and 16 is the “sweet spot” assuming you don’t need to carry your entire collection with you.
  • Given how similar the two devices are, why can’t Apple standardize button placement. After weeks with the iPod touch, I keep pressing the headphone jack of my iPhone to try to turn it on. Grr.
  • Evernote seems to work fine, and will be even more useful once I get the Griffin Clarifi case so I can take pictures of things like business cards and search their contents later.
  • T-31 days to the release of the 3.0 firmware, and then things get really interesting. I can deal without A2DP and copy&paste because I know they’re coming, but the wait isn’t fun.

3 thoughts on “iPhone, take two”

  1. WHEN you are ready to jailbreak (if you haven’t yet) go to a download mirror from here:


    Download QuickPWN for Windows and run. It won’t wipe out your settings.

    Then, find Winterboard in Cydia. It will give you the appearance changes/themes and tweaks you will appreciate. It’s essentially “SkinUI” and more for the iPhone


  2. OH, almost forgot, also you can get PDA Net through Cydia to tether the iPhone like you did with Windows Mobile.

    Watch how much data you access through tethering however…

  3. There’s a very nice unabridged dictionary app: Dictionary.com it even speaks the word, and I notice HuffingtonPost.com now has a free app with the same name.

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