Twitter Updates for 2009-06-15

  • RenFest was awesome, yesterday was mostly lying around the house and going “ow”. Sunburn on forehead not bad as long as no one surprises me. #
  • @tibbarerew B-90 minutes #
  • Tempted to use a marker to color just one hair green, and see if people can tell. #
  • Practice doesn’t make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect. Practice it wrong and you’ll do it wrong. #wisdomfromdriversed #
  • @tibbarerew 10 $nested_loops = fun 20 goto 10 #
  • Opera needs to quit whining and make a browser people actually want to use. #
  • Docs2Go for the iPhone looks excellent. Thinking will gamble on the $10 “Exchange” version in case Google extends Activesync to email. #
  • @DarrenHumphries Yeah, the iPhone and iPod Touch charge crazy fast. #
  • Truer words never spoken. RT @dndgirl Wasabi is NOT the same as guacamole, no matter how similar they look. #
  • @rolandrsr (Trying to come up with a joke linking “practice makes permanent” to medical, legal “practice”… I got nothing…) #
  • I think I’m going to try to bring “wowsers” back into common usage. #
  • More stormclouds for Denver #
  • Writers: What’s your best tactic for breaking procrastination and actually writing something? #
  • @DarrenHumphries The only problem I have with Bing is it doesn’t do calculations like Google (5km in miles). Otherwise I prefer it to Google #
  • @AfrimKacaj I’m seeing delivery services do that a lot recently. I think they’re just mailing it in, so to speak. #
  • RT @TeresaKopec: Maintenance window rescheduled! (via @twitter) #
  • Setting up Powerful tool for GTD/ZTD, but I still don’t understand parts of it. #
  • Docs2Go for iPhone is impressive, hoping it will be able to copy/paste with @evernote once I get OS 3.0 installed. #
  • @crimsonsky56 It would be even better if you could open @evernote file attachments on the iPhone in Documents To Go, but I doubt we can. #

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