Twitter Updates for 2009-06-22

  • @joekeg LEGO FTW in reply to joekeg #
  • @RobT43 Not entirely sure I’ll jailbreak 3.0. Only thing missing is Backgrounder, and not sure how effective that really is on 128MB device. in reply to RobT43 #
  • RT @rstevens I never fought a mummy before, but this situation is unraveling rapidly. #
  • Just saw a golden eagle take off from a tree in my front yard. I do not live in a rural area. #
  • @tibbarerew See, if you had VOIP phones, now would be the perfect time to work out, since your users can’t call or email you. #
  • @MaxGeek DEATH TO DRM!!! #
  • @DarrenHumphries Because whoever has the most followers wins, duh. It’s like you don’t even remember high school. #
  • So unbelievably tired this morning. And bruised both palms mowing the lawn yesterday. Damn manual labor. #
  • @crimsonsky56 beep #
  • @crimsonsky56 See, your sad little skinks can’t eat my cats. The eagle can. #
  • @crimsonsky56 How’d you know I was going to Chipotle for lunch? #
  • @scottsigler I have that same reaction from my local Chipotle. #
  • @RobT43 Basic, no frills Gmail. And contrary to some reports, I’ve not noticed Gmail IMAP as supporting push on 3.0. #
  • @KimberlyKaye Of course Sanford is going to run in 2012. Why do you think he tried to appease the hard right by refusing stim money? #
  • @KimberlyKaye That said, Stanford doesn’t stand a chance in 2012. He, Jindal and Palin should start a book club. #
  • @RobT43 OMG! What are your job search plans? Need any help? I’m a great resume doctor. #
  • @aswinn Hmmm, I have noticed my wordcount seems inversely proportional to my tweetcount. #
  • @vegheadjones But in a good way, right? Inadvertantly awesome? #
  • @Rafe Grody? Really? #
  • @evernote When is the Windows version update coming out? #
  • @evernote Also, explain why the iPhone 3.0 version is so awesome #
  • RT @MaxGeek Apple sells over a million iPhone 3GSes in 3 days. Palm has sold 400-600k Pres in 3 weeks. #
  • @pocketup Working on that… #
  • @ColleenLindsay I hated Holden Caulfield when I was a teenager and I still think he’s whiney yelp. #
  • RT @delrayser Two trains have collided on the DC Metro’s Red Line. Reports are that it’s a “mass casuality event.” #
  • @hkirvin Please tell me you weren’t on one of those trains. #
  • RT @squarespace: GIVEAWAY UPDATE: Only one single #squarespace tweet from here on out = entered forever. Thanks! #
  • @KimberlyKaye Did your account get hijacked? #
  • @TheAuthorGuy Maybe your iPhone knows something you don’t. #
  • @the_wordgirl Sorry to hear that. I’d like to say that all we males aren’t that annoying, but I have no way to back that up. #
  • @tibbarerew I told you about #squarespace, didn’t I? #
  • Excel tweeps: is there way to set a cell as null, so that it doesn’t get averaged with the rest of a range? #
  • @cterry1974 You just did. You just have to tweet the #sqaurespace hashtag #
  • @MaxGeek Those who on the fence have fencepost up their… #
  • @sunilsebastian I’m trying to clear the cell conditionally. Sometimes it’s counted in the average, sometimes not, depending on chkbx elsewhr #
  • Thank you Excel wizards. For future reference, you can force a cell to a null value by setting it to “” #
  • @cterry1974 Except that unlike me, you have to spell it correctly. Al Vocado. in reply to cterry1974 #
  • @hkirvin Well, glad to hear you’re alive, anyway. #
  • @chrisharrop Ah, but the American Revolution would have failed without military support from France. in reply to chrisharrop #
  • @chrisharrop I’m all in favor of assisting Iranian people if asked, but we can’t “give” democracy to them. See: Iraq, Afghanistan in reply to chrisharrop #

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