Twitter Updates for 2009-06-26

  • @crimsonsky56 Que? in reply to crimsonsky56 #
  • @papertyger I’ve found Peggle and audiobooks an irresistable combination on my iPhone. Perfect for writing avoidance. in reply to papertyger #
  • RT @rstevens: Pi ain’t nothing but a number. #
  • RT @ColleenLindsay: Michael Jackson DID have a great zombie uprising contingency plan: make the zombies dance. #
  • @crimsonsky56 A friend of mine has the 3GS, and the camera is AMAZING #
  • @crimsonsky56 Yay! New iPhone! #
  • Writers: When you’ve been away from writing for quite a while, how do you overcome the inertia and get started again? #
  • @EdHans While I still think we need to transition away from fossil fuels as soon as possible for sustainability reasons, I’m wondering too. #
  • @EdHans Yes, but you’re not supposed to @ yourself in public. #
  • @brettq I know the feeling. I’m trying to put together a database and it’s been years since I’ve done DB normalization. Ow my head… #
  • @jchutchins Okay, yeah, I have to agree on that one. A Clockwork Orange 2 was derivative and lame. #
  • @KevinCTofel You haz cows. #
  • This database design is sapping my will to live. How do you wash off sap? #
  • @ddelucia24 I’m givin’ her all she’s got, Cap’n! #
  • @ddelucia24 Don’t you threaten us! #
  • @brettq Yes, a big chunk of my pain is my own insistence that we do this right. #
  • @jchutchins And of course, as everyone knows, the penultimate temptation of Christ was a zagnut bar. #
  • @Gartenberg Just to be fair, can we complain that “The Piano” didn’t have enough explosions and car chases? #
  • Expecting an action movie to have character development and intricate plot is like expecting a boxing match to have a debate. #transformers #
  • @BertLatamore Hmm. Bob Baer tends to freak me out rather than relax me. #
  • @BertLatamore It sounds familiar, so probably. #
  • @dgawlik324 HA #
  • @crimsonsky56 I think I got it from Audible. I love my (now obsolete) plan, I get 5 books a month! #
  • Damn shame they had to kill that stuffed moose… #

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