Your regular Monday post was eaten by the Smoke Monster

No? Not buying it? Meh. Works on Lost.

I got precious little writing done last week or over the weekend because, frankly, I was too depressed to care. It happens once in a while, and this time I wasn’t able to push through and write anyway. The experience did give me an idea for writing a piece on the best examination of what it’s really like to be clinically depressed I have seen in popular media (yes, I’m serious), and when the damn finally burst, well. I’m working on one of my way-too-long-for-a-blog how-tos on how to be cloud-based and use local, OS-native applications anyway, a “hey! you writers!” cautionary piece about not talking your story to death before you write it, and, get this, a short story (which I will not be talking about until it’s done, because, hey, read the previous clause in this sentence).

So, really, more to come. Honest. In the meantime, console yourself with the knowledge that some questions are just unanswerable, like where did the phrase “on the fritz” come from.

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