Resisting the iPad just got a whole lot harder

The Spirit Jailbreak I used yesterday on my iPhone to give me most of what I was excited about in OS4 without waiting for OS4—background music, homescreen wallpaper, homescreen folders—also works for the iPad. And according to MacStories,

there’s a little trick you can perform that lets you scale iPhone apps for the iPad, without waiting for the developers to update their apps. In this way, and if you’re lucky, you can have an iPhone app running in fullscreen without pixel doubling, which supports all the various orientations and that even uses iPad’s UI elements.

This is huge. Literally. Because after doing a little hackery—warning, this involves remoting into your iPad via ssh and editing the XML info.plist file for every app you want to alter—you can get some, but not all, iPhone apps to run as though native to the iPad’s XGA resolution.

Scale - Tweetie 1

They’ve already proven it works with Tweetie 2, and they have others verified as well. Anyone with a jailbroken iPad want to tell me if Stanza works with this? Because if it does, I have to scrape together some cash.

How To: Run iPhone Apps on the iPad Without Pixel Doubling [UPDATING]

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