Rewards and punishments

Ideally, we should all be motivated to write by the _art_ of it all, the creative expression of our…

Or not. One thing I’ve noticed not only about myself but also every other writer I’ve ever known is that we are fundamentally a lazy bunch. More succinctly, the only thing a writer enjoys more than writing is avoiding writing. Sometimes we need an extra little kick. Especially during [NaNoWriMo](, where the clock is very literally ticking.

This year I’m using a carrot and a stick. The stick is easy. I’m doing this in public. My daily wordcounts will be posted for all to see at []( Am I leaving myself open to public jeering, ridicule, possibly thrown virtual vegetables? Sure. My friends know I am nearly immune to embarrassment, but I do have an ego to protect.

The carrot is a little more fun. If I “win” NaNoWriMo, by which I mean if I get to 50,000 words within the month of November, I’m buying myself a [Kindle]( I’ve been wanting one, and even though I’m saving up to get an apartment, I’ll make an exception for this… if I win. If I don’t have 50,000 words by 11:59:59 PM November 30th, no Kindle until after I move, if then.

So what are your extra little incentives to write this November?

2 thoughts on “Rewards and punishments”

  1. My incentive is my goal to have my current book finished by the end of the year. I need the numbers in November to make it. Although I’m not formally participating in NaNoWriMo. I’m already 11K words into my current book, and I don’t want to shelve it to start something fresh.

    And I’m posting my numbers weekly on my blog to keep myself accountable.

  2. I’m doing NaNoWriMo (I wish that was easier to type) this year. It’s the first year ever for me. I’d never heard about it until I read about it on your blog a year or so ago.
    I’m motivated by fear. I think I have a fear of writing big things. I had a huge and important report to write a year or so ago and I failed. I couldn’t get it written. I procrastinated, I avoided it, I gave my self excuse after stupid excuse for not writing it. I told myself it was because I was bored with it. Really I was frightened of putting finger to keyboard.
    I need to get over this. NaNoWriMo might just be the way. I’ve always wanted to write a novel and I have started one… about 20 year ago! This year I’m writing the second novel in the trilogy and I’m really looking forward to it.
    My reward? The knowledge that I can actually write big stuff.
    Good luck with your 50,000 words.

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