Dancing with them that brung ya

Kristen Lamb is killing it recently on her blog. Great writing advice. Here’s one that I could have used years ago, and might boot me into posting here more regularly.

Fiction authors are not blogging to become experts. You are blogging to connect with as many people as humanly possible and recruit them to your team. Period. That simple.

I blog about writing and social media, but my blog is being used to establish me as an expert in my field. I write books for writers.

Do you write books for writers? No? Then you don’t have to establish expertise. Have fun. Connect with people via your shared passions. Isn’t that how friends have always been made?

via Sacred Cow-Tipping–Why Writers Blogging About Writing is Bad « Kristen Lamb’s Blog.

I’ve enjoyed some of the writing articles I’ve posted here, and I’m glad they’ve helped some people. But really, most of the connections I’ve made online over the years have been tech related. And I’m still as active and opinionated regarding technology as ever. Yet I haven’t said a word here about stuff unveiled at Google I/O and WWDC this year.

I think the other big roadblock for me in tech blogging is I keep trying to write articles, not posts. Posts are smaller, centered around a single idea. I’m still writing long-form journalism, and it takes too long to write.

So, I’m going to try to write shorter, more frequent tech posts. If you like them, please link to them on Twitter or Facebook and help me reach more readers. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Dancing with them that brung ya”

  1. I’m humbled and inspired by this post. I usually blog about writing tips – not so much because I’m trying to prove my chops but because that is one of the things that inspires me. But it’s only one. I should say more about the things that are close to my heart. Thanks.

  2. Jeff, I have appreciated your posts–tech and others–since the early years of WOYP. I’m thinking I’m one of hundreds, maybe thousands. Keep it up, in whatever new form is working.

  3. Jeff, I’ve enjoyed your writing about tech since the writingonyourpalm days. And I have really missed your insight. I enjoyed your reviews, opinions, and how-to hacks. It was back when I was starting my smartphone days with the Treo and you helped a lot.

    I would love to you writing about tech again on some sort of blogging page, Facebook or however you do it. Good luck and looking forward to whatever you do in the future.

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