Seattle Mystery Bookshop will be out of business in a year, maybe two

Sorry to say that we cannot offer you a signing. We cannot do anything to support, help or benefit Amazon. Theyre the enemy of independent bookshops and aiding them in any way – mainly ordering their books and selling them and promoting them – would be suicide. Things are tough enough without cutting our own throats. – JB Dickey, owner

via Seattle Mystery Bookshop: Cant Shake the Devils Hand and Say Youre Only Kidding.

Amazon is setting themselves up to be the world’s biggest publisher. They’re starting imprints for every genre. They’re signing big name talent like Barry Eisler and Ed McBain (well, the latter’s estate, anyway). Between their imprints and the indie author/publishers they distribute (myself included), they’ll account for a huge chunk of the “books in print”, perhaps a majority.

And this guy refuses to work with them.

He’s a sole proprietor, so at least he’ll only take himself and any employees dumb enough to stick around with him when he falls. But he’s refusing to carry the biggest publisher of the 20-teens, because they’re “the enemy.”

Hopefully, most independent bookstores will not follow his lead, and instead position themselves as community-oriented service businesses, focusing on discovery and recommendation. Just moving paper isn’t enough anymore.

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  1. I agree. As a reader, when I want a book, I want THAT book. I don’t want to walk into a store and get a lecture on corporate evils and why I should buy a different book because of it. If you tell me you won’t sell me the book I want because of an issue you have, I walk. And I never come back.

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