Life Rolls

Kris Rusch has an interesting point in this week’s Business Rusch column. She talks about how writers can be sidetracked from writing, often for extended time, but major life upheavals.

My brain was busy these past eight months with Real Life. Imaginary worlds just weren’t as vivid or as important as they usually were—and that included other people’s books, television, and movies. I had little patience for anything that didn’t grab my attention immediately.

I’ve felt guilty as all hell since, well, since last summer, for not writing more fiction. I tell myself I want to write. I tell myself I’ll get back to it, really. I’ve even been excited about new projects. But I’ve actually written very little.

It wasn’t until reading this column by Kris that I realized I wasn’t writing because I’d had a heckuva life roll. I lost my job in January. For reasons I don’t want to get into here, I couldn’t fall back on unemployment insurance. I had no source of income and bills to pay, a roof to keep over my head.

Yet it didn’t occur to me why made up stories weren’t very important to me, except out of habit and guilt. Even my reading material over that time was almost entirely nonfiction.

My life is back on track now, and the urge to write has come back with a vengeance. I’m probably going to start posting WOYP colums twice a week for a while, on Mondays and Thursdays, and see how that goes. I’ll also be blogging about non-techie things, like this, as the mood strikes me.

And slowly, the urge to write fiction is starting to stir. Not just feeling guilty that I’m not writing, but actually wanting to write it. And of course, the way to get back into writing after a life roll is the same as breaking out of a writer’s block.

You write a word. Then you write another. Repeat as necessary.

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