The truth about Windows 8

This is the best review I’ve seen of Windows 8. I’ve said before that Windows 8 is a failure, but this explains why it’s a failure. The video is longish, but worth watching. In short, though:

  1. There are no visual cues to tell users what they can click on, what they can’t, and how to get to things that aren’t currently visible. Like DOS, you can only really use Windows 8 if you already know how to use it. It’s not discoverable at all.
  2. The split between the Modern UI and the Desktop gives you a schizophrenic, completely inconsistent user experience. Worse, certain functions are only available in one environment or the other, so you have to learn both.
  3. The Modern UI has absurdly low information density, which is ironic when you consider Microsoft has always been the champion of “glanceable information.”

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