I’m out.

I posted on various social networks around New Years that I was going to try to avoid buying any new apps or gadgets this year, instead resolving to make do with what I have.

I’m out.

Yesterday, I jailbroke my iPhone 5, just to see what all the fuss was about. While I’m still trying to avoid adding any themes or other “fluff” to it, I have managed to put my calendar data on my lock screen (thus regaining the “glanceable information” that I loved about the Windows Mobile Today screen) and set Chrome as my default browser with full, equal-to-Safari Javascript speed. Most importantly, a long press of my home button now brings up Drafts, ready to type, instead of Siri. The difference these changes make my iPhone qualitatively better and more useful.

So useful, in fact, that now I’ve decided I really need to buy an iPad mini, and the sooner the better (if I wait until it ships with the as yet unreleased iOS 6.13, I might not be able to jailbreak it as well).

I have an iPad 4, but that doesn’t cut it. My big boy iPad is supplied by work, so I can’t jailbreak it. And some of these tweaks are too good to live without. So I need my own. And there’s no point in having two large iPads, so the mini seems like the logical choice.

I only need the WiFi version, and 16GB will do since most of my stuff is cloud based. So as soon as I cobble together about $350 (insert Chef’s dad’s bit about the Loch Ness Monster on South Park here), I’ll have a new gadget to welcome into Chez Kirvin.

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