Introducing Taledancer

I’m proud to announce Taledancer, my new business for providing author-publishers everything they need to get from manuscript to published ebook.

One of the common complaints I see from new author-publishers is that they don’t want to learn all the skills necessary to be a publisher. They just want to write. The problem is that as many happily traditionally published authors will tell you, a publisher provides a lot of services apart from the actual writing that are necessary to produce a book. They design an eye-catching cover. They work with the author to edit and shape the manuscript into a novel. They proofread and typeset that novel. These are professional skills that not every author wants to learn.

Taledancer aims to provide those services for authors that just want to write. Come to us with a manuscript, and we’ll work with you to edit it, design the cover, format the ebook and post it to various online stores. We offer individual services and discounted bundles, so we can do as much or as little as you need. And in the coming months, we’ll also be offering new services like covers with completely original commissioned artwork and print book layout for CreateSpace or Lulu.

So if you’re an indie writer who wants to sidestep the technical stuff, or a midlist traditional writer looking for an easy way to get some backlist novels posted now that you have the rights back, drop by and take a look at what we can do for you.

Just write. We’ll do the rest.

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