Here are the books I’ve published so far. Enjoy!

Early in 2011 I published Do Over!, a novella about a 20-something loser who gets the chance to go back in time and relive his senior year in high school. Only to find out that second chances come with a price.

Do Over!

By Jeff Kirvin


By Jeff Kirvin

A few months later, I published Revelation, the first book in the Between Heaven and Hell trilogy, itself the first of a trilogy of trilogies comprising the Unification Chronicles. (Yes, it’s complicated and epic, and I blame that squarely on George Lucas for twisting my little storytelling mind at an impressionable age.) Revelation is the story of Daniel Cho, a paramedic and former trauma surgeon trying to disappear in Washington DC. One day Daniel sees the impossible: a man impaled on the steering column of his car get up and walk away. Trying to prove his sanity and his innocence (the car also happened to be carrying explosives, and the cops don’t believe the driver just got up and walked away), Daniel plunges into a conspiracy older than recorded human history: a secret society of immortals is real, and the basis for our myths of angels and demons.

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