Live Mesh for Windows Mobile works!

From the Live Mesh blog:

Thank you for using the Live Mesh for Mobile client! For users who saw a failure to add their mobile phone to their mesh, we have deployed an updated build of Live Mesh for Mobile. You will need to download the Mobile Installer from again.  Once you have the new installer on your phone, run it and the installed client will be upgraded to the new version. The new Mobile Live Mesh Client is version number 0.9.3424.6 (check this through Menu -> About). Now you can start Live Mesh, sign in, and you should be good to go.

Sure enough, I installed it on my Treo this morning, was able to log in and start syncing folders. Synced folders can be on internal memory or the storage card, and open up in File Explorer when you click on them. Everything is editable just like anything else on your device. By default Live Mesh syncs your device with the mesh every 30 minutes, but you can change this if you need to.

My partner in crime on Maximum Geek wasn’t so lucky, though. He was told that there were a limited number of allowed users and was unable to register his device with the service. Now does that mean there’s a limited number of people who can connect at any one time, or that there’s a user cap on this beta? Let me know in the comments if you can get it working.

On the whole, very impressed so far. This is going to help enormously with NaNoWriMo, which starts tonight at the stroke of midnight!

It’s here! Or not.

Live Mesh for Windows Mobile is officially available. Only it doesn’t work. Maybe.

Since rolling out the latest Live Mesh release this afternoon, a number of customers have reported trouble installing the Live Mesh for Mobile software. We have identified the problem and are currently working on a new build. We don’t yet have an estimated time of availability, but we will post updates here, on the blog, as we know more.

In the meantime, please do not try to install the Live Mesh for Mobile software on your mobile phone because installation will fail in most cases.

So watch this space for more info. I’m going to install it anyway and see if I luck out, but I obviously don’t recommend this. Yet. I think.

Live Mesh for Windows Mobile on the way

Back in April when we did the initial tech preview release of Live Mesh we emphasized a vision for how the offering would bring together your world of devices – a starting point to deliver on the data, devices, and people aspects of our vision. With this beta release we are making another significant step toward this goal. In particular… with this Beta we are providing limited availability of our new Mac and Windows Mobile 6 clients – providing users with a wider range of devices that can participate in their mesh. Later this week as the beta rolls out, access to the Mac client will be provided from the device ring experience at Instructions for accessing the Windows Mobile client will be made available at this blog later in the week.

Live Mesh : Welcome to Beta

This is the missing piece (well, that and a OneNote Mobile that isn’t totally lame) of my mobile data strategy. I’ve been using Live Mesh for months, first just my desktop to the web, then my desktop through the web to my netbook and back. Just like my Exchange data, I’m secure that anything I change in once place will be the same everywhere else I access it.

The freedom this gives me is hard to explain. For my Exchange data, email, calendar, contacts and tasks, it doesn’t matter if I use my desktop, my netbook or my Treo to access any of it. I’ll use whatever’s most convenient at the time. I’m writing this post on my desktop at home because I’m getting ready to podcast, but I could just as easily post it on my netbook from Chipotle (where there is, alas, no WiFi, so I have to tether to the EVDO connection on my Treo), or from Mobile PostIt on my Treo lying on the couch. My data is completely independent from the device I happen to use to access it. And now I’ll have the same freedom with editing documents, spreadsheets, syncing music and videos to my Treo that I have with my other computers.

This is gonna be big.